Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Iron Chef Conspiracy Theory

am i the only one who, after observing the tasting panel's reactions to both chef's dishes, is at times completely baffled at the moment the winner of the Iron Chef challenge is announced? i mean, sometimes, the panel's reactions are absolutley sizzling about Chef A, and just sort of mild about Chef B (e.g., Bobby Flay), and somehow when they come back after the commercial break they've forgotten about how awesome Chef A's food was, and Chef B (e.g., Bobby Flay) wins! and then your jaw drops to the floor and you have to start wondering if something fishy isn't going on.

don't get me wrong. my beef isn't with Chef B. i've warmed up to him since the time i met him in the local Whole Foods Market once, randomly skewering him when I recognized him in the aisles. he was actually nice about it. that automatically makes him the only celebrity chef for whom extra signals of affection light up in the brain when i see him on television. but there are a couple of egregious examples i can remember with Chef B, and he hasn't even been doing this Iron Chef thing that long. and i remember at the beginning of last night's show one of the panelists making some remark about how hot Chef B was. i wonder how often that panelist is looking for a good seat at one of B.'s restaurants here in New York. the point totals were close. i bet she put him over the top - score for Chef B.!

anyways, i'm still gonna watch the show because it truly is inspiring. if that kind of creativity and devotion were applied to more areas of our life, how delicious would life be?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My first blog

This is my first blog ever. Hopefully future posts will contain more interesting announcements than this one.